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Annual SVLS Meeting 2000
Conference Report


Conference Report
by Josy Holdener

16 March 2000
City Hospital Triemli, Zuerich, Switzerland


Conference Report

President Peter Weber called the meeting to order at 10.00, and thanked those attending the meeting.
Apologies were received from several Members.
Peter Weber asked the new members in attendance to present themselves.
The annual report 1999 and the minutes of the 1999 GV were approved.
Treasures Leonora Zuercher presented the Finance report 1999 and the budget for the year 2000.
The Financials report was approved by the Audit Report and accepted by the members.

Educational events:

Vice President Esther Wirth announced that a worthwhile educational day would be held at the Ulrich Company in St.Gallen, September 28. There will be the opportunity to get a direct site on the new instrument marking-system and the unique Repair Box - System for Instruments. Ulrich has a concept for own or external manufactured Instruments to repair and completely overhaul within 24-48 hours including upgrading trays and containers. A special feature is the RepBox System. Repair boxes are made available to the client free of charge. It is possible to return faulty instruments without further packaging and with prepaid mail cost.

Peter Weber informed that a second joint meeting of Germany, Austria and Switzerland, in Tuebingen/ Germany was being planed for 2001. The proposal was not accepted from all members. Some Members spoke for a meeting in the French speaking part of Switzerland having in mind that France could be included in the joint meeting. After considerable discussion it was decided that this matter needed further discussion on the advisory board.


Cornelia Hugo, Editor-in Chief of the "Forum" announce that in the next edition there will be abstracts in French. She also called for manuscripts.


All Board members including the president and the audit members were re-elected.
Harry Schenk announced that he would be stepping down from the Board in the year 2001.
New elected Board members are Marie.Josè Krending and Frédy Cavin, both from the French speaking part of Switzerland.

A special thank was given to the outgoing Board member Janos Patarica for his work and contribution to the SVLS.


One motion by Leonora Zuercher was to restrict the term of office on the Board maximally for two terms at three years. The motion was accepted.

Another motion by Leonora Zuercher was; at least two Board members should have a Certification of the Technical Sterilisation courses 2 or 3, was not approved.

Accepted was the motion from Josy Holdener to change the name of the Association, taking out the word "for manager", as the Association now is open for all people working in Central Sterilisation Departments.

There will be a competition launched for a new name.

Appreciation was expressed to the following passive Members: H. P. Uster / Belimed AG, U. Kupzig / Arnold Bott AG and H. Strobel, Johnson and Johnson for their generous offer to help the Association financially for the cost the change of the name will bring.

Revision of the Constitution:

The Revision of the Constitution shall include the following changes:

There shall be active and passive members
a) all personnel working in Central supply and all persons interested in field of Sterile Supply can become members.
b) forming of SVLS Sections in the different languages regions is possible.

Rais of the Membership fees.

Membership fees for active Members is going up from SFr 45.00 to SFr 115.00, the fees for passive members from SFR. 100.00 to SFr. 300.00. The reason for the increase is that in the future the journal "Zentralsterilisation" will be included in the Membership fees.

Any other business

Peter Weber announced due to the many changes in the organisation probably an extraordinary Member meeting will be necessary this year.
Next Peter Weber informed that in 2001 a Technical course No. 3 will take place in Switzerland.
Many other topics were discussed, and there was a lot of participation from the meeting attendees.

The Annual meeting closed at 12.30 hours.

Brief record by Josy Holdener