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Annual EFHSS Conference 2001
Conference Minutes

A cooperation of VSZ, CSC and ASTER on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of VSZ
5 November 2001 to 6 November 2001
Crowne Plaza Hotel, Bruges, Belgium

With satisfaction we can look back on the second EFHSS congress, which took place in Bruges, Belgium. Apart from the bankruptcy of SABENA, causing problems for a number of participants, the organisation was shipshape. The papers too were of a very high level. Some opened a new perspective for example on single use devices or on the helixtest. Also concepts such as "event related sterility", "outsourcing", "auditing" and "evidence based handling and therapy" provide a lot of food for thought as they will change the way in which the CSSD functions in the near future. An objective analysis was presented of (v)CJD. The report by Dr. Gudrun Droop in Central Service 6/2001 will undoubtedly provide more insight into this topic.

The fact that the congress was attended by participants from 20 European countries was once more proof of the need for such a forum as meeting place and as an information-communication channel in addition to our website:

In October 2002, the Irish association IASSM has kindly offered to organise the next EFHSS congress, thereby guaranteeing the continuity of our efforts. In 2003, the Swiss association SGSV-SSSH will be our host in Basle. We cordially invite everyone to make a contribution to the further growth of the EFHSS. In an open and democratic society such as ours everyone is responsible for its success.

Wim Renders