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Decentennial Seminar 2003

Norwegian Reference Centre for Sterilisation
Department of Infection Prevention

2 September 2003 to 3 September 2003
Rikshospital, Oslo, Norway

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This year the Norwegian Reference Centre for Sterilisation celebrates ten years since its foundation in 1993. The centre provides independent advice for healthcare facilities at a national level and offers services for biological testing and physical validation of sterilisers. Biological indicators for steam and formaldehyde sterilisers are produced on-site and are obtainable by subscription.

The programme will feature national and international speakers who will present lectures on a variety of interesting topics related to sterilising and sterile services. Other planned activities are 'buzz groups', medical equipment exhibition and a celebration dinner. These informal gatherings provide a good opportunity for network development, personal discussions and socialising. Further information is available on The programme and participation details are obtainable via e-mail: .

We extend a special welcome to any delegates from Denmark and Sweden, and hope to encourage the exchange of experiences and practises between Scandinavian countries. Lectures will be given in either the Norwegian or English language.

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