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II. International Sterilization Conference Turkey 2008

February 21st to February 24th, 2008
Sheraton Cesme Otel, Cesme, Izmir, Turkey

MSÜD - Central Sterilization Units Society of Turkey - Merkezý Sterýlýzasyon Ünýtelerý Derne­ý

The II. National Sterilization Conference is organized by Central Sterilization Units Society of Turkiye (MSÜD) and Dokuz Eylul University Hospital

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Invitation Programme


The importance of sterilization of medical supplies in medical establishments in order to bring infections within bounds widely found acceptance. In recent years, sterilization has turned into a private business in which highly qualified employee and high technology equipments are being used.

Purpose of sterilization is to make medical supplies used surely without endangering the patient and the user. In order to furnish sterilization of materials and appliance surely the employees need to be well educated and equipments need to be working perfectly.

We should have basic and comprehensive knowledge in order to do our work well and give medical service. II. International Sterilization Conference encloses appropriate information for everyone who serves in decontamination and sterilization of supplies.

Subject of sterilization process in hospitals is waiting for our help with going on special problems in every establishment and need of education and information sharing beside all process steps.

By acting from these truths, II. International Sterilization Conference's leading aim, which we organize in accordance with the mission of the first and single profession association; Central Sterilization Units Society (MSUD) and Dokuz Eylul University Hospital, is to furnish information, practical skills and common ground for everyone who is actively in and interested in sterile supplies business.

MSc. Hulya ERBIL
MSUD President
Dokuz Eylul University Hospital
Sterilization Center in Charge
Prof. Dr. Sedef GIDENER
Dokuz Eylul University Hospital
Head Doctor

Invitation Programme

Scientific Programme

Thursday, 21 February 2008
  • Professor Dr.Sedef GIDENER (Dokuz Eylul Universty Hospital)
  • MSc. Hulya ERBIL (MSUD)
11:00-12:001. Session (Panel Discussion Professor Dr. Serdar SAYDAM)
Hospital Organization of Sterilization Procedures for Medical devices
  • Professor Dr. Serdar SAYDAM
  • Assistant Professor Dr. Alpay SARPER
  • Assistant Professor Dr.Faruk AYDIN
2. Session (Professor Dr. Guner DAGLI)
13:00-13:30Professor Dr.Dr. Ulrika RANSJO
Roles of washer disinfector in sterilization process
13:30-14:00Toni ZANETTE
The renovation of the unclean side by changing tunnels W&D to single chambers
14:00-14:30Peter NEWSON
The inactivation and removal of Prions in the decontamination process
15:00-15:30Coffee Break
3. Session (Professor Dr. Zeynep GULAY)
15:30-16:00Professor Dr.Murat GUNAYDIN
Issue of resistance to disinfectants and factors effected disinfectants
16:00-16:30Asistant Professor Dr.Aydan OZKUTUK
Principles and preparing of specification for buying disinfectant
16:30-17:00Asistant Professor Dr. Nuri OZKUTUK
Ventilation Requirements for Operating Rooms and CSSD
17:00-17:30Coffee Break
17.30-17:45Engineer Deniz KOC
How should quality of water and steam be in sterilization process?
17:45-18:05Nurse Dilek ZENCIROGLU
Cleaning and disinfection for critical areas in hospital
20:00Welcome Cocktail
Friday, 22 February 2008
4. Session (Professor Dr. Serpil SALACIN)
09:30-10:00Assistant Professor Dr.Alpay SARPER
Healthcare personnel's health in the opearation room
10:00-10:30Assistant Professor Dr. Alp ERGOR
Sterilization and healthcare personnel's health: Problems, samples and recommends
10:30-11:00Coffee Break
11:00 11:30Professor Dr. Serpil SALACIN
Basic legal obligations in our daily practice
5. Session (Professor Dr.Mehmet Ali OZINEL)
13:00-13:30MSc. Hulya ERBIL
Sterilization performance tests and validation
13:30-14:00Klaus HAHNEN
New technologies for monitoring of sterilization
14:00-14:30Jan Oort
Digital Process Challange Device
15:00 15:30Coffee Break
6. Session (Assistant Professor Dr.Omer AKCALI)
15:30-15.45Assistant Professor Dr. Esat KITER
Costs of sterilization procedures for borrowed devices in orthopedic practice
15:45-16:15Assistant Professor Dr.Omer AKCALI
Orthopedic surgery infections and sterilization
16:45-18:00Ali Tan SERBETCI
Motivation: Communication without talking and body language
Saturday, 23 February 2008
7. Session (Assistant Professor Dr. Aydan OZKUTUK)
09:30-10:00Cornelia HUGO
Education programs of sterilization
10:00-10:30Bengt TENGSTRÍM
Importance of education for CSSD
10:30-11:00Coffee Break
11:00-11:30Asistant Professor. Ozkan TUTUNCU
Persons in organizations: Behavior, attitude and motivation
8. Session (Assistant Professor Ozkan TUTUNCU)
13:00-13:30Anke CARTER
Managing of quality in CSSD: a practical approach
13:30-14:00Zeynep Fusun DENLI
TSE, CE, directive of medical instruments, standards of sterilization process
14:00-14:30Dr.Cuneyt TUGRUL
Sharing of standards and problems on fields
15:00-15:30Coffee Break
15:30-16:309. Session (Panel Discussion MSc.Hulya ERBIL)
Models of central sterilization procedures - Staffs' views
  • Mukadder GENC
  • Nesibe HIRA
  • Yilmaz CAYCI
10. Session (Assistant Professor Dr. Faruk AYDIN)
16:30-17:15MSc. Hulya ERBIL
Disposable medical devices: lawful results, negligence and regulator guidelines
17:15-17:45Ali Tan SERBETCI
EN 13795; standards of manufacture and control for surgical wrap and coat systems
20:00Gala Dinner