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Online Training Programmes

Please see also IDI Education for online training programmes, self study lessons, correspondence courses, distance education, etc.


  • Eastwood Park Training - Decontamination & Infection Control

    Eastwood Park is a leading specialist training provider for healthcare engineering, estates and facilities management in the UK and beyond.

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  • Mayfield Education offer lots of courses, such as:
    • Certificate III in Health Service Assistance (Sterilisation Services) HLT31102 - which can be done by face to face lectures (2 intakes per year of 15 contact days) or by correspondence (Distance Education) commencing any time (takes on average 12months to complete). This is open to both Sterilising Technicians and Nurses. if they are interested in further study or career advancement, they can then do the Certificate IV in Workplace Supervision - to become supervisors in their departments.
    • Validation of Steam Sterilisation - a three day short course
    • Introduction to Sterilising Services - a two day short course for new staff or people seeking employment in the area
    • Certificate in Infection Control and Sterilisation - this is equivalent to a Graduate Certificate (half of a post graduate diploma) it is for staff (mostly nurses - but we have some others) that want a qualification to be an Infection Control Consultants or a Sterilising Manager. It is delivered over 30 contact days once a year.
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/ IDI - Irish Decontamination Institute / Courses & Seminars