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Annual WFHSS and JSMI Conference 2012
Lectures and Presentations

Annual WFHSS and JSMI Conference 2012 13th World Sterilization Congress

Conference organized by JSMI and WFHSS
21 - 24 November 2012
Osaka, Japan

Scientific Programme

Scientific Programme

Opening Session
Wim Renders (Belgium):
Welcome Speech
[in English; PDF File; 63 KB]
Keynote Lecture
Chair: Takashi Okubo (Tokyo Healthcare University, Vice-Chancellor / Professor, JPN)
Axel Kramer and Isabel Dörflinger (Institute of Hygiene and Environmental Medicine University Medicine Greifswald, Germany);
Wilfried von Eiff (Center of Hospital Management University Muenster, Germany);
Birgit Thiede (Regional Council, Darmstadt, Germany):

Reprocessing of medical devices (MD) in Germany with analysis of reprocessing quality in 170 German Central Sterilization Service Centers and in 18 dermatological medical practices
[in English; PDF File; 388 KB]
Session 1: Cleaning
Chair: Bruce T. Bird (International Association of Central Service Materiel Management (IAHCSMM) / Primary Children's Medical Center, USA)
Tillo Miorini (Institute for Applied Hygiene, AUT):
Washer-Disinfectors - Effectiveness and Quality Assurance
[in English; PDF File; 1.1 MB]
Masaki Takashina (Osaka University Hospital, JPN):
Development of New Washing Method "Vacuum Boiling Washer"
[in English; PDF File; 3.7 MB]
Development of a Method of Assay of Residual Protein in Metallic Medical Device Containing Aluminum
[in English; PDF File; 2.6 MB]
Session 2: Packaging & Sterilization
Chair: Wim Renders (World Forum for Hospital Sterile Supply, BEL)
Takako Kami, MS. RN. Hiroyoshi Kobayashi, MD. PhD. (Division of Infection Prevention and Control, Tokyo Healthcare University Postgraduate School):
Study on Sealing Quality and Reliability of Pouch Package Sterilized in Hospital
[in English; PDF File; 6.1 MB]
Session 3: CSSD Environment and Management
Chair: Birte I Oskarsson (Skåne University Hospital / WFHSS / Swedish Institute of Standardisation, SWE)
Joy Markey:
Environmental Monitoring Methods for Decontamination Units
[in English; PDF File; 7.4 MB]
Dr Christine Denis:
Modelization of CSSD's Organisation: A Real Help to Manage a Project
[in English; PDF File; 2.0 MB]
Session 4: Education and Risk Management
Chair: Seizo Nakata (Itami City Hospital, Administrator of Itami City Hospital, JPN)
Julia Paschal Kent:
National Blended Education Programme - the Irish Experience
[in English; PDF File; 2.7 MB]
Session 5: Flexible Endoscope Reprocessing
Chair: Viola Buchrieser (Institut für angewandte Hygiene, AUT)
John van Bergen Henegouw:
Justified confidence of the patient in safe application of flexible endoscopes
[in English; PDF File; 3.1 MB]
Moya Alexander:
Centralised Endoscope Reprocessing - A Proof of Concept
[in English; PDF File; 5.5 MB]
Session 6: Reprocessing Paradigms
Chair: Masato Minami (Surgical Center, Osaka University Hospital, Director, JPN)
Francesco Tessarolo:
Reuse of single-use medical devices - Towards an European harmonization
[in English; PDF File; 4.2 MB]
Session 7: Hydrogen Peroxide
Chair: Masato Kamitani (Takahashi Central Hospital, Vice President, JPN)
Rika Yoshida, Hiroyoshi Kobayashi:
Problems on Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilisation - New Proposal for Safety and Effective Use
[in English; PDF File; 15.7 MB]
Session 8: Flexible Endoscope Decontamination (cont.)
Chair: Kazuhiko Fukatsu (Surgical Center, The University of Tokyo Hospital, Associate Professor, JPN)
Takayuki Ohishi, Hiroyoshi Kobayashi, Takashi Okubo, Yoshimitsu Hiejima, Ryo Fushimi, Satoshi Shinomiya, Eiko Miura, Hiroshi Matsumoto:
A Study on the Cleaning of Flexible Endoscope by Adenosine Triphosphate Measure
[in English; PDF File; 1.8 MB]
Ryo Fushimi, Masaki Takashina, Hideki Yoshikawa, Hiroyoshi Kobayashi, Takashi Okubo:
Water Leak of Gastrointestinal Endoscope and Bronchoscope after Clinical Use
[in English; PDF File; 2.1 MB]
Session 9: Sterilization and Disinfection
Chair: Duygu Percin (Department of Microbiology, Erciyes University Faculty of Medicine, TUR)
Scientific Evening Seminar
Chair: Hiroshi Yasuhara (Surgical Center, The University of Tokyo Hospital, Professor, JPN)
Michael Beekes (FG 14, Applied Infection Control and Hospital Hygiene, Robert Koch-Institut, DEU):
Prions - A Challenge and Informative Paradigm for the Cleaning and Disinfection of Medical Devices
[in English; PDF File; 2.9 MB]
Workshop Sponsored by JSMI Sterilization - Technician Approval Committee: Panel Discussion : The Role of Sterilization in Implementing Infection Prevention
Chair: Hiroyoshi Kobayashi (Tokyo Healthcare University and Postgraduate School, Professor, JPN)
Daniel Smith:
Hydrogen Peroxide Gas Plasma System
[in English; PDF File; 1000 KB]
Gerald McDonnell:
The V-Pro Series of Hydrogen Peroxide Gas Sterilizers
[in English; PDF File; 1.3 MB]
Magnus Uvenfeldt:
Sterilization with LTSF Low Temperature Steam Formaldehyde
[in English; PDF File; 951 KB]
Taku Someya:
Ethylene Oxide Gas Sterilization
[in English; PDF File; 344 KB]
Symposium: Peri-Sterilization Supply Services in Clinical Settings of East Asia
Chair: Hiroyoshi Kobayashi (Tokyo Healthcare University and Postgraduate School, Professor, JPN)
Chie Takeuchi, Hiroyoshi Kobayashi:
Sterile Supply Assurance in Clinical Settings of Japan
[in English; PDF File; 994 KB]