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Annual WFHSS and DAS Conference 2013
Lectures and Presentations

Annual WFHSS and DAS Conference 2013

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Conference organized by DAS and WFHSS

Scientific Programme

Scientific Programme

Opening Ceremony
Wim Renders, Belgium - WFHSS President:
Opening Speech
[in English; PDF File; 79 KB]
Session A-1
Moderator: Bülent Gürler, Turkey
Martin Exner, Germany:
The role of surface disinfection in infection prevention
[in English; PDF File; 2.7 MB]
Tom Brophy, United Kingdom:
Quality assurance of new surgical instruments. Don't accept our rejects
[in English; PDF File; 2.1 MB]
Session A-2
Moderator: Güven Külekçi, Turkey
Axel Kramer, Germany:
Key Points of Infection Control in Dental Practices
[in English; PDF File; 742 KB]
Alexander Franz, Austria:
Does a representative test soil exist for the reprocessing of dental intruments?
[in English; PDF File; 4.2 MB]
Session A-3
Moderators: Mehmet Ali Özinel, Turkey; Mustafa Özyurt, Turkey
Hartmut Dunkelberg, Germany:
From a time- or event-related to a databased shelf-life practice for sterilized items
[in English; PDF File; 972 KB]
Session A-4
Moderators: Dominique Goullet, France; Duygu Perçin, Turkey
Benedicte Gourieux, France:
Sustainable development: a new approach for quality management
[in English; PDF File; 1.1 MB]
Ronnie Russell, Ireland:
Biohazardous Waste Treatment and its Management - the evolving story in Ireland
[in English; PDF File; 3.2 MB]
Session A-5
Moderators: Christophe Rousseau, Switzerland; Patricia Gomez, The Netherlands
Session A-6
Moderators: Christine Denis, France; Erdal Akalin, Turkey
Jean-Marc Legentil, Canada:
To be or not to be ISO 13 485? - Quality systems in the CSSD
[in English; PDF File; 4.2 MB]
Session A-7
Moderator: Aysegül Karahasan, Turkey
Cristophe Lambert, France:
Implementation of feed back experience committee in CSSD
[in English; PDF File; 416 KB]
Session A-8
Moderators: Hiroyoshi Kobayashi, Japan; Hürrem Bodur, Turkey
Michael Beekes, Germany:
Decontamination of Medical Devices from Human Prions
[in English; PDF File; 935 KB]
Session A-9
Moderators: Wim Renders, Belgium; Serhat Ünal, Turkey
Koen Vandormael, Belgium:
Logistical improvements in the Operating Room
[in English; PDF File; 2.5 MB]
Session A-10
Moderators: Tillo Miorini, Austria; Saban Esen, Turkey
Hiroyoshi Kobayashi, Japan:
Central Sterile Service in Japan
[in English; PDF File; 12.0 MB]
John van Bergen Henegouw, The Netherlands:
Monitoring the Performance of your Automated Endoscope Reprocessor - Validation
[in English; PDF File; 398 KB]
Elinor Radke, Australia:
The National Health Training Package - 'The Australian Way'
[in English; PDF File; 441 KB]
Session A-11
Moderators: Birte Oskarsson, Sweden; Türkan Özbayir, Turkey
Deborah Spratt, USA:
AORN Recommended Practices: Attire & Traffic Patterns
[in English; PDF File; 6.6 MB]
Session A-12
Moderator: Hakan Leblebicioglu, Turkey
Ernst Dennhöfer, Germany:
International and European Standardization of Sterilization Processes and Equipment
[in English; PDF File; 129 KB]