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Annual WFHSS & Central and Eastern European Congress 2014
Lectures and Presentations

Annual WFHSS & Central and Eastern European Congress 2014

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Conference organized by WFHSS and SPNN.

Scientific Programme

Scientific Programme

Opening Ceremony
Wim Renders (Belgium - WFHSS President):
Opening Speech
[in English; PDF File; 53 KB]
Session 1 - Modern Technologies and Procedures
Moderator: Y. L’Hocine
Y. L’Hocine (Canada):
New developments in sterilization and decontamination using nanotechnologies
[in English; PDF File; 9.7 MB]
P. Hilsberg, G. Antonisen (Denmark):
The use of robotics and automatisation to achieve a better work environment and efficiency
[in English; PDF File; 915 KB]
N. Jain (USA):
Best practices for robotic instrument reprocessing
[in English; PDF File; 5.1 MB]
Session 2 - Cleaning and Disinfection
Moderator: C. Hugo
C. Hugo (Germany):
How to solve the problem of cleaning of narrow lumina
[in English; PDF File; 2.7 MB]
Session 3 - Infection Prevention in Dentistry
Moderator: M. Zimmerman
A. Smith (UK):
Infection prevention in dental practices
[in English; PDF File; 3.2 MB]
M. Zimmerman (Sweden):
Medical devices in dentistry
[in English; PDF File; 3.4 MB]
Session 4 - Sterilization
Moderator: G. Lacis
V. Akimkin, P. Demidov (Russia):
Sterilization of MD in healthcare organizations. Development of medical service
[in English; PDF File; 952 KB]
G. Cirulis (Latvia):
Where is a challenge for process challenge devices
[in English; PDF File; 543 KB]
V. Turcic (Croatia):
New, modern textiles as wrapping material for sterilization
[in English; PDF File; 1.4 MB]
Session 5 - Endoscopes
Moderator: W. Spencer
W. Spencer (UK):
Endoscopy reprocessing trends
[in English; PDF File; 458 KB]
T. Bradley (UK):
Practical implementation of new compliant endoscopy reprocessing
[in English; PDF File; 2.5 MB]
Session 6 - Sterlization
Moderator: H. Oussoren
M. Tanedo Tuya (United Arab Emirates):
Traceabilitiy and productivity
[in English; PDF File; 7.4 MB]
H. Oussoren (The Netherlands):
Practical issues of the validation of steam autoclaves
[in English; PDF File; 377 KB]
Session 7 - Endoscopes
Moderator: H. Biering
H. Biering (Germany):
The impacts of disinfectants on endoscope surfaces
[in English; PDF File; 393 KB]
L. Pineau (France):
Endoscope reprocessing with brushless cleaning process conditions
[in English; PDF File; 984 KB]
Session 8 - Operating Theatres
Moderator: T. Zanette
D. Percin (Turkey):
An unknown danger in the operating rooms: open system filling adaptors
[in English; PDF File; 881 KB]
O. Willieme (Belgium):
Safe surgery safes lives, WHO challenge impacts on daily CSSD activities
[in English; PDF File; 2.6 MB]
Session 9 - Hospital Environment, LT Sterilization
Moderator: P. Carling
T. v. dem Hagen (Germany):
Critical aspects on selection and validation of LTS-processes
[in English; PDF File; 2.9 MB]
I. Ciznar (Slovakia):
Biocide resistance, real risk in hospital environment
[in English; PDF File; 2.4 MB]
E. Pieckova (Slovakia):
Biocidal control of mycoses and mycotoxicoses
[in English; PDF File; 2.7 MB]
Session 10 - Varia
Moderator: T. Salinska
V. Buchrieser (Austria):
A study on the A0-concept has started
[in English; PDF File; 425 KB]
T. Salinska (Poland):
Education system in Poland
[in English; PDF File; 371 KB]
Session 11 - Infection Control
Moderator: R. Madar
R. Madar (Slovakia):
Infection control in 21st century. Developed vs. developing countries
[in English; PDF File; 1.8 MB]
D. Hedlova (Czech Republic):
From today´s infection prevention activities we can profit in the future
[in English; PDF File; 2.1 MB]
Session 12 - Reprocessing
Moderator: T. Salinska
D. Vukelich (USA):
Reprocessing of single use medical devices: regulations coming to Europe
[in English; PDF File; 718 KB]
Session 13 - Working Environment
Moderator: R. Madar
C. Hugo (Germany):
Promotion of team building and reinforce the team spirit
[in English; PDF File; 423 KB]
Poster Presentations
C.A.F. Ioshida:
Instruments recontamination in the packing area after handling
[in English; PDF File; 1.2 MB]