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Central Service - Issue 6/2004

Central Service - Issue 6/2004



  • What's New in Standardisation: Formal Vote on the 2nd Edition of EN 285
  • US Authority Bans Sale of Some 900 Processed Single-Use Medical Devices
  • An Internal Matter - Change at the Top in mhp-Verlag
  • 128,000 Postoperative Wound Infections Each Year
  • Central Service Welcomes New Members to the Advisory Editorial Board
  • 5th Schleswig-Holstein CSSD/Hygiene Forum


W. Michels*, M. Pieper:
Process Parameters for Optimal Automated Instrument Reprocessing
(Zentr Steril 2004; 12 (6): 384-391)

When reprocessing surgical instruments, process design is significant, in particular the choice of relevant process parameters for the effective removal of blood, the most common soil present. Cleaning performance is highly dependent, among other factors, on the alkalinity of the cleaning solution at appropriate temperatures to ensure that relevant specifications are fully complied with on site. Here, the denaturation of protein, which impairs the final cleaning result, must be ruled out. A new concept using an oxidising detergency enhancer leads to a significant improvement in cleaning performance.

U. Kaiser:
Value of chemical indicators of class 6 according to the standard draft ISO-EN/CD 11140-1 for the monitoring of steam sterilization processes

U. Wegner:
Sterilisation Wrap - The Alternative to Metal Containers?


Planned Topics and List of Members

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