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Central Service - Issue 4/2013

Central Service - Issue 4/2013

Central Service - Issue 4/2013


  • What's New in Standardisation: Overheating - a risk for sterilization?
  • 30 years of successful working - keep it up! 9th Sterilization Conference, Regensdorf, Switzerland, 5 - 6 June 2013
  • Competency offensive - knowledge the key to success. Series of lectures by the KLS Martin Group, April 2013
  • Quality standards in endoscopy: keeping abreast of new developments. Continuing professional development event for endoscope reprocessing personnel on 22 May 2013, Bad Bramstedt
  • Erratum


L. Radimersky, H. Martiny, A. Simonis:
Thermal cleaning of dental hand- and anglepieces in a cleaning and disinfection device

Background: Dental hand- and anglepieces, used at dental treatment, contain the risk of transmission of infective agents from patient to patient. The study was designed to evaluate a method of thermal cleaning of dental hand- and anglepieces in two automatic devices (DAC Universal and KaVo LIFEtime) with a protein analytic method.
Method: The spray water/spray air channels were contaminated by diluted native human blood. After automatic hydro thermal cleaning in DAC Universal resp KaVo LIFEtime the spray water/spray air channels were removed, separated from each other, flushed with 10 ml 1% sodium dodecyl sulfate and mechanically cleaned with SuperFloss filaments. Afterwards SuperFloss filaments were eluated in the same 10 ml 1% sodium dodecyl sulfate which has been used for flushing. The protein concentration was determined by the use of the modified OPA method.
Results: After reprocessing in DAC Universal resp KaVo LIFEtime no visible contaminations could be seen. There were no differences in protein concentration of spray water/spray air channels between both devices after cleaning.
Conclusion: The tested devices for automatic reprocessing of dental hand- and anglepieces are appropriate for practical use regarding actual RKI recommendation.
Reprocessing, Handpieces, Cleaning, DAC

J. Kastelein, J.M.B.M. van der Vossen:
Influence of prion sterilisation cycle on the bacterial barrier performance of sterilisation wrap according to the final pack test

Kimguard One-Step sterilisation wrap has regulatory approval as a Class I medical device suitable for packaging terminally sterilised medical items. In this study, we evaluated the performance of five different grades of Kimguard One-Step sterilisation wrap after prion sterilisation cycle (134 C for 18 minutes) using the final pack test method. Kimguard One-Step grades KC100, KC200, KC300, KC400 and KC500 were used to wrap a 1/1 DIN steel wire instrument tray (internal volume of 7.2 L) and each wrapped test pack was challenged with 100,000 1 m latex particles delivered at an air flow rate of 250 mL/min during a 25-minute test period. For each grade of wrap, particle filtration efficiency measurements were carried out six-fold after sterilisation and repeated after test pack storage for three months. At both time points, particle counts within the wrapped test packs were negligible and yielded mean particle retention rates for all five grades of sterilisation wrap of =99.99%. From these results, we conclude that the microbial barrier effectiveness of Kimguard One-Step sterilisation wraps KC100, KC200, KC300, KC400 and KC500 remains unaffected by prevacuum steam sterilisation at 134 C for 18 minutes, or by subsequent storage for three months with regular movement of packs during storage.
Micorbial Barrier, prion steam sterilisation cycle, Kimguard One-Step sterilisation wrap, final pack, barrier properties


Recommendations by the «Quality Task Group»: Quality assurance in reprocessing

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