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Practical WFHSS Training Programme

Practical WFHSS Training Programme


The purpose of the training programme is to provide practical information about decontamination processes of medical devices. The participants take part in an internship of at least 5 days in a well established sterilisation department abroad. In this way they can experience how in another country the theory is applied in daily sterilization practice. The participants can make comparisons with their own way of dealing with sterilization and draw the necessary conclusions. Furthermore, they can share their experiences with their colleagues from their home country. The World Forum is committed to the global harmonisation of the activities of the CSSD and is convinced that an international training programme is the missing link in the extensive range of theoretical training programmes which are available.


Host countries for the programme

National societies which dedicate themselves to improving sterilization activities in their own countries and in the world, and want to be one of the hosts offering internships shall apply to World Forum by filling out the online form. The host country has to be prepared to fund the expenses of one participant or should in consultation with the society applying for an internship come to an acceptable and unambiguous financial agreement. The selection of the host CSSD department is the responsibility of the national society too.

Joining the programme

Candidates should be a member of a national society which is also a WFHSS member. Candidates for the training programme shall apply to their national societies. Applications to the WFHSS shall be made via the national societies by filling out the nomination form online (Board member section). The selection of the candidates shall be made by the national societies. The WFHSS coordinates the programme.

The WFHSS believes that preferably two people from the same country should join the same programme. Thus both participants will be able to work together and discuss the activities during and at the end of the programme. The expenses incurred by the second participant should be borne by the home society.

Responsibilities of the World Forum

The responsibilities of WFHSS are to motivate the countries to join the programme and to bring together the societies that have expressed their willingness to be a host and who want to send their members to another country. The program shall be coordinated by Prof. Duygu Percin for the WFHSS (E-mail: ).

Responsibilities of the participating countries

The national/regional society is responsible on the one hand for the selection of the candidates and on the other for the selection of the department where the internship will take place.

Length of the programme

Each programme shall last at least five full working days.

Covering expenses of the participants

All of the expenses of one participant including transportation, accommodation, lunch and dinner shall be funded by the host society. If the expenses are considered to be too high, a financial agreement can be made with the society sending out the participants. The expenses of the second participant shall be paid by his/her own society.


The most important objective of the programme is to disseminate the knowledge acquired by the participants all over their own country. This shall be done or managed through the national societies.

Wim Renders
WFHSS President
Bruges, 19/10/2008

WFHSS Training Programme Application Forms

WFHSS Training Programme Application Forms for Host Countries:

WFHSS Training Programme Application Forms for Participants:

We provided the above forms in MS-Word and PDF format so that you can download the forms and fill them out. Completed forms should be send by email to:

  • Prof. Duygu Percin
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