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WFHSS Training Programme - Editors' Notes

WFHSS Training Programme - Editors' Notes

Dear Colleagues,

Undoubtedly, we are all aware of the fact that the sterilization department should have qualified personnel at its disposal. On our website the syllabus of the three level training programme, which was originally developed by the EHS and later adapted by a working group of the EFHSS, has been available for some time.

Now we want to take an extra step by publishing the full content of the course. We trust that in doing so it will be easier to set up training courses if they do not yet exist in your country. Moreover it brings us closer to our ideal of the worldwide harmonization of sterilization departments. The Austrian society (ÖGSV) was kindly prepared to make its level 1 programme available to the IDI. At a later stage level 2 will follow.

If you don't yet have a script of your own, we hope that you enjoy using this one.
You are allowed to use the IDI and/or ÖGSV logo:

  • If you use the script as it is,
  • If you translate it into your own language,
  • If you make minor changes, like adding your national requirements, as long as you clearly state that your society is responsible for these changes.

What is not permitted:

  • Commercial exploitation. In the event of commercial exploitation you will, unfortunately, face a lawsuit for copyright infringement.

If you have further questions or would like extra information please contact Viola Buchrieser (Email ).

Lots of success,
Viola Buchrieser
(WFHSS Education Officer)
Wim Renders
(WFHSS President)